Golf Course Eats Are Pretty Neat!

This past week I was invited to check out a golf course and their cool eats. While I don’t play golf, I love the view of the rolling green grass, the energy of golfers and the buzz of the golf carts. The whole vibe and energy is a hit and not a miss especially if the food is spot on! Wow! Impressed, I was. The Majors Golf Club has been completely renovated and it’s gorgeous! It’s also open to the public. The range of eats ranges from bar food which golfers love, but have a lot of awesome dining options and healthy options too! The golf course eats that I dove into after poking around the club jump started with a super fresh bruschetta. Besides the fact that this was super fresh ingredients, I loved the pita point this was prepared on. Do you also see the large fresh basil leaves?

Healthier Option

While attempting a healthier option, even though the Filet Nachos really were singing to me! I put my fingers in my ears, closed my eyes and sang, “la,la,la” in my head. So, I went for a super yummy healthier option which came highly recommended. It did not disappoint. The chicken, apple, and gorgonzola is prepared beautifully (check out the pics below). Mixed greens, gorgonzola, candied walnuts and grilled chicken with really large slices of delicious apples make this salad muy bueno. We also tried the Grilled Mahi Sandwich on a onion Brioche bun! The view of the luscious green golf course if perfect for your favorite eats. But there is more cool stuff happening other than golf and food at The Majors Golf Club, it’s the events! Because this is such a big, amazing space they are able to host bands like “Hot Pink” (we are groupies) which is slotted for October. But in the meantime, they offer live music, trivia night, happy hours and so much more!

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