Not Your Average Macaron

It’s time for a little sweet talk about a not so average macaron! The little french meringue-based cookie sandwich made from egg whites, almond four, and sugar is no small feat for any baker. The outside is crisp, but inside they’re moist and chewy and so good. The macaron can be a perfect bite. The flavors can be subtle with a complimentary sweet filling. Over the years, to be quite honest…I have not found many macarons that I have flipped over. Macaron’s that I would deem “calorie” worthy. BUT I am doing back flips over these! And I am not the only one! These tasty treats disappeared fast in my house. I mean, they are gone. Why? First of all, the flavors are not so average. They are super fun, creative and unique.The Elizabeth Diane Bakery has clearly stepped these up a notch! You go girl!

Cereal, It’s Not Just For Breakfast

Cereal, it’s not just for breakfast…it’s for macrons too! The Elizabeth Diane Bakery unique menu of flavors includes a Cereal Series! We tried them all! We are greedy like that! The series includes, Captain Crunch, Fruity Pebble and Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I thought that the Fruity Pebble would be my favorite. While it is really tasty and I loved the colors, I absolutely did a happy dance over the Cinnamon Toast Crunch! So delicious! The bakery also offers Cookies and Cream and S’mores macarons. I met up with Elizabeth to pick up a sleeve of the macarons and learn more about her business. Why a macaron bakery? She has a unique story on why she began her business. As many stories do, it starts with memories in the kitchen baking with your Mom as a child. As you know, supporting local is super important to me. If you have a sweet teeth and a “hankering” for a really unique delicious and light macaron, these are a must try. She delivers!

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