Disney Junkies…Details for You!

Are you a Disney junkie? Has the shut down of all things Disney been perplexing? Are you curious about dipping your toes into a Disney Springs experience? Well, I have a few details for you! I met up with a girlfriend for a few hours to catch up at Disney Springs this past week. She lives in Orlando and totally knew the drill. We just wanted to grab a bite, have a drink and she had a few things that she needed to return at what is now one of my new favorite stores (that is a whole different blog). First of all, let’s chat “the drill”. While you may have heard, you are temperature checked and masks are required. Yes and yes. Please also keep in mind, if you love a little Disney Springs, they are not busy. This is your time to go. You can swing dance down the pathways. The downside is, if you go for the street entertainment. This does not exist. This is a shopping and dining experience. In regards to the masks, you are required to wear masks at all times. The only exception is if you are sitting down eating or drinking. You are not permitted to walk around eating or drinking. So, please keep these tips in mind.

Boathouse Eats

My girlfriend and I met up for eats at The Boathouse. One of my favorite’s out at Disney Springs. We like to sit out on the dock and watch the “boat-cars” . The “boat-cars” come off the dock into the water. I have been on a lobster kick lately. I ordered a refreshing Sangria and the Lobster Roll. This is my first Lobster Roll order since visiting Martha’s Vineyard and I have high expectations. These expectations were met! The huge chunks of lobster meat were delicate and I did request to make sure that there wasn’t a lot of mayo. Our waiter was adorbs and wanted to pose for a picture, so I had to share. I think it was because he was having a great time with us. The claw meat fell off my roll when I picked it up and became the best snack ever in snack history to a bird. The waiter did replace the lobster meat that fell! It is Disney, folks! I have been asked if I would go back to Disney Springs based on the restrictions currently in place. My answer is, yes! We had a great time. Just understand that it is less of an entertainment complex and they are very strict on the mask wearing. We love our Disney experiences and until we are back to hotel & park hoppin…just making the best of our everyday experiences!

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