A Dining Experience Second to None

Supper Club U10 Scallop

A dining experience second to none. That’s a strong statement and I stand by it. While we have several amazing Chef’s and dining experiences right here on the Space Coast, I am here to tell you…it gets even better! The Supper Club consists of two incredibly gifted and passionate young Chef’s. Chef Matt and Chef Daniel will come to your home and prepare a 6 course Michelin star (in my humble opinion) quality meal. Yep, another strong statement and I stand by it. These Chef’s had such a passion and wanted to continue to create incredible dishes, but felt held back in some of Brevard’s finer dining establishment’s. So, they took their creativity and passion and launched a business model that is unique to the Space Coast . They literaly provide everything except the silverware and barware. Each course is presented with pristine. We chose to have each course a surprise. We truly did not know what to expect from course to course which was a sheer delight! Discovery dining on steroids!

The Menu in Courses

Course 1: Celeriac coup which doesn’t sound fancy, but it kicked a little Gordon Ramsey butt! It consisted of fennel, parsley oil, apple chip and pea tendrils.

Course 2: Seared U10 Scallop. The presentation on this dish was incredible! We were each individually served the most perfect Scallop atop a shell and sea salt. The scallop was seared with bacon dashi, pineapple and jalapeno kosho and micro leaks! We savored each bite.

Course 3: Carrot Filet. Yes, you heard that exactly right. This was absolutely the most innovative dish that I have had the pleasure in indulging in. I actually thought that they were sautéing a filet in butter on the stove. When they presented and served this carrot, I was so surprised. It was absolutely delicious and once again, savoring every bite was the key! The thinly sliced harissa marinated carrot filet with béarnaise sauce and sesame seeds was so tender and packed full of flavor.

Course 4 or the palette cleanser was just as creative as our dishes. We were served a green apple cucumber and mint sorbet with coconut like gel. Clearly, we had to celebrate our incredible private dining experience.

Course 5: Cured and smoked duck breast with turnip puree, braised turnips and pearl onion, fried green onion and ginger jus. So, truth be known, I was unsure about the duck based on my personal palette. BUT, the duck was incredibly tender, crispy on the outside and paired perfectly with the turnip puree. I could eat this all day long.

Course 6: Dessert with a punch of flare! The Chef’s always presented together each course with a description. Our last, but not least course, they placed a small bowl of cinnamon with a small amount of liquor and lit it on fire for fun to accompany the deconstructed Smores. This desert is definitely not child’s play. A toasted marshmallow ice cream lay on top of a graham cracker crumble surrounded by a cinnamon chocolate ganache. Our entire Supper Club experience with Chef Matt and Chef Daniel was absolutely incredible. We truly did not lift a finger and my kitchen was cleaner than before they came! Do not miss our Space Coast Eats podcast this Thursday, the Chef’s will be our guest! You can also connect and book your own dinner through their Instagram Account, SupperClub2019

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